Body Clock

Body Clock

Your Body Clock, also known as a circadian rhythm, influences your brain, metabolism, immune system, and virtually every single cell in your body. They are why you feel tired at night, hungry at lunch, and alert in the late morning. Simply put, every plant, animal, and person in the world has a circadian rhythm.

30+ years of research indicate the importance of maintaining a strong circadian rhythm, and timing your lifestyle to these natural cycles. For instance, just waking up at a consistent hour and eating earlier in the day is associated with reduced BMI, body fat, and inflammation.

The rthm app was designed to help you discover and strengthen your unique circadian rhythm. It is based on your historical sleep and wake times. 

Simply follow the recommended schedule in the app, strive for consistency, and your body will do the rest. 

To learn more, check out the Body Clock Blog.

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