Kardio takes care of your heart

Her job is to keep your heart beating better, for longer. 

Just take one HR measurement per day, and Kardio will automatically analyze your heart health trends over time. She detects your heart rate by measuring the subtle vibrations each time your heart beats. This is a proprietary, patent pending technology unique to Rthm. For more info on the importance of monitoring your heart rate, check out the Body Clock Blog.

Resting Heart Rate

Resting Heart Rate is one of the most reliable indicators of overall health, with lower resting heart rates associated with longer lifespans. Take your Heart Rate in the morning when you wake up, before coffee, to get a reliable measure you can track over time.

DeepHeart Score

Built on years of research, and over 1.8 million unique recordings, DeepHeart is the world's first technology to instantly analyze your cardiac health using only the sensors built into your iPhone. DeepHeart analysis should be done each morning, right when you wake up, to reduce the effect of confounding factors. A higher score indicates higher cardiovascular health and reduced inflammation.



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